3 Ways To Get Perfect Teeth

Dental hygiene is part of daily care. Dental care is not only useful for maintaining its appearance, but will also prevent you from diseases caused by poor care. By knowing how to best care for your teeth and applying these techniques on a daily basis, you can take care of your teeth while maintaining their appearance.

Brushing teeth

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Brush teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth more or less than twice a day can cause problems. So, you should brush your teeth twice a day to avoid dental problems. By simply brushing your teeth, you can keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Brush your teeth for 10 minutes each time you do this.

Try to brush your teeth once in the morning and at night.

Use enough toothpaste to coat the toothbrush.

Do not swallow toothpaste.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Use the recommended technique when brushing. There are several techniques recommended by dental organizations to help keep teeth clean and healthy. Brush your teeth according to the following steps to maximize the benefits:

Brush the entire surface of the teeth in a circle, from the tip to the base.

Point the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with the gum line. The brush should cover the gum line and teeth.

Brush the outside of the teeth. Prioritize brushing one or three teeth before moving on to the other teeth.

Brush the inside of the teeth keeping the brush pointed at a 45 degree angle. Prioritize brushing two or three teeth at a time, before continuing to brush other teeth.

Finish brushing the inside of your front teeth by pointing the brush vertically and moving it up and down.

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3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Don’t brush too vigorously. Brush your teeth gently and slowly. Brushing your teeth too fast or too hard can cause injury or pain. Do not rush when cleaning teeth thoroughly.

Brushing too hard can cause sensitive teeth and gums.

Consider using a soft-bristled brush if your teeth or gums become sensitive after brushing.

If the bristles push outwards during use, you are pressing too hard.

Using Dental Floss

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Get in the habit of cleaning between your teeth with floss ( flossing ). Do this treatment at least once a day before brushing your teeth. Flossing is a powerful way to remove tartar and plaque that isn’t removed when brushing.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Prepare the right amount of dental floss. To use it properly, you need dental floss of the right length. Floss the distance between your hands and shoulders. Once you’ve got it, wrap the end of the thread around your middle finger.

The floss should be able to reach both of your hands once the ends are wrapped around your middle finger.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Use dental floss. Once you’ve wrapped both ends of the floss around your middle finger, you can start using it to clean between your teeth. Follow these detailed steps to maximize the benefits of flossing :

Slide the floss between your teeth.

Bend the thread until it forms the letter “c”.

Pull the floss over the top and bottom of your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar.

Bend the floss until it forms a ā€œcā€ in the other direction and again, pull it all the way to the top and bottom ends of the teeth.

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Continue this step to clean all between the teeth.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Continue with brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. After flossing between your teeth, you should continue with brushing and finish with mouthwash. This step can help remove any broken plaque or tartar particles that remain in the mouth.

Use the mouthwash for about 30 seconds before popping it back out.

You can dilute the mouthwash with water if the taste is too strong.

Brush all your teeth properly for at least two minutes.

Doing Other Treatments to Maintain Dental Health

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Visit the dentist. Having your teeth checked by a doctor even if you don’t feel certain problems can really help maintain dental health and prevent disease in the future. The dentist will help keep your teeth healthy and provide treatment tips for you to do at home.

Regular check-ups with the dentist can help you find dental problems before they get serious.

The dentist will also tell you the best way to keep your teeth healthy.

Visit the dentist at least once every two years if you are not experiencing any problems. However, immediately visit the dentist if you experience problems with your teeth.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Consider using braces. If you don’t like the way your teeth look, consider using braces. Braces work by long-term pressure on the teeth to improve their alignment. In addition to cosmetic reasons, braces can also help with dental problems such as reducing pain and pressure in the jaw.

There are two types of braces available today, fixed and removable.

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Removable braces can be removed from the mouth, but the patient should try to wear them continuously to maximize their benefits.

Fixed braces cannot be removed by the patient themselves and do not require the same attention as removable braces.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Watch your food and drink. Some foods and drinks can damage, erode, stain, or cause dental caries. By avoiding these foods, drinks, and eating patterns, you can maintain the appearance and health of your teeth.

Foods that are in prolonged contact with teeth, such as sugar, soda, pastries, and candy, can damage teeth.

Frequent snacks can make it easier for bacteria to live in the mouth. These bacteria can cause caries and other dental problems.

Highly acidic foods and drinks, such as orange juice or tomatoes, can cause tooth enamel to decay.

Tobacco, soda, tea, and red wine can stain your teeth over time.

3 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Gigi Sempurna

Try using a teeth whitening sheet. Teeth whitening sheets work by dissolving stains, either by exfoliating the surface or removing stains inside the teeth. The whitening sheets that work in both ways have variants for use alone at home or with the help of a dentist.

Whitening products usually contain hydrogen peroxide and are formulated to remove stains on the inside and outside of teeth.

Dental cleaners can only remove stains on the surface of the teeth.

Some people report sensitivity to their teeth and gums after using whitening products. Generally this is only a temporary side effect.

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